Team Building

Information on our team building sessions

An original, inclusive and fun way to increase co-operation and communication whilst developing social and problem solving skills.

We can run different style workshops for different learning styles. In fact we can put together ANY style of workshop, concentrating on certain skills or certain objectives. We believe that although the workshops are lots of fun they should also meet your learning objectives, which can be discussed beforehand.

Session Ideas​


A fast-paced session building tall structure. Your pupils build a tower in less than 60 minutes with only 24 balloons. However due to it being a short punchy workshop they do not get the chance to negotiate with the bank or other teams. This is a popular workshop and is useful to re-enforce team working where it already exists to some extent.

Session time: 60 minutes.


Participants build and race a balloon vehicle - with a twist. All vehicles are made and then raced through a course of cones. The team with the highest score wins. Trading in balloons with each other and the "bank" is encouraged. Whilst they are planning and making their vehicles we, along with the class teacher or TA will oversee the teams during the session to address any issues that may arise

Session time: 2 hours approx.


Our most popular workshop. Combining both Towers and Formula 0 workshops, participants build and race vehicles in the morning and then build free-standing structures in the afternoon. For best results we recommend this workshop. 

     Session time: All Day​


A very effective way to engage your parents (VERY POPULAR).  At the end of the school day, we can stay for a parent / child balloon modelling workshop. We will hold a short presentation for both the parents and children followed by a modelling workshop. 

     Session time: 1 hour.

What happens in a Doody Educational Workshop?

We normally have an opening assembly with all the children and explain the safety aspects of balloons. We also demonstrate the inflation, knot tying and twisting methods used during the sessions. The assembly is dismissed and each group is brought back for their own workshop. Each workshop is conducted with all the children participating at the same time. Although there is no right or wrong way to complete the challenge, it does allow for the teams to be able to "watch" each otherand learn from some of their mistakes, We try and get every member of the team to be fully active in the planning, inflating and twisting processes.

We do expect worksheets to be completed and would ask that all participants bring a pen or pencil with them.