Information about our circus skills workshops

Circus Skills

We offer a variety of circus skills workshops that have been developed over time to promote a multitude of skills which include:

  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Social skills
  • Confidence building
  • Teamwork along 
  • Motor skills. 
  • Problem Solving 

We also have a special program that has been specifically designed to improve communication and listening skills. 

Circus Skills are a terrific way of stimulating the Brain and developing left hand/right hand side synapses pathways. This in turn leads to greater brain function and helps with LONG TERM LEARNING (LTL).

Core Circus Activities

  • Juggling- Great for hand eye co-ordination.  We use a variety of equipment which caters for the complete beginner right up to expert jugglers.   Scarves, bean bags, thuds (balls), rings and clubs.
  • Plate Spinning- This is really great for developing controlled movements. 
  • Poi- Helps with the hand, arms and full body co-ordination.
  • Chinese Ribbons- A classic circus skill , with us getting everyone to make their own routine and showing off to everyone.  It really helps to develop confidence.
  • Tooth Brushes- This is something you don't see everyday, great for developing isolated movements. 
  • Ladle Manipulation- Another unique skill from Doody's. Very odd but lots of good fun especially when you add a ball. 
  • Feather Balancing- By far the easiest activity even some 3 year olds can master it quite quickly.  As it looks very impressive, it is great for building confidence. 
  • Diabolo- Helps using both hands simultaneously in both a vertical and horizontal motion. Once the basics have been mastered this activity is addictive and extremely good fun.
  • Flower Sticks- Really good fun and help to coordinate hand eye movement. These promote a really good sense of achievement.
  • Devil Sticks- For those who master the flower stick, the devil stick adds an extra layer of challenge. 
  • Stilt Walking- Small bucket stilts are used first then hold on wooden stilts. This helps to promote co-ordination of the entire body. It uses all the skills and balance combined.
  • Strap On Stilts- These are Dura style and really good fun. But you must use these under strict supervision.
  • Fun Wheels and Pedal Go's- These are really aimed at the older pupils. Fantastic for total body co-ordination and balance.
  • Pogo Sticks- Okay, so not strictly a circus skill but a firm favourite for balance and great fun to boot!
  • Rola Bola (teeter board)- A quite advanced skill to master, this will really test you balance!
  • Unicycling- Another really satisfying activity once you have the basics then off you go.
  • Walking Tubes- Large carbon fibre tubes used for walking about on. Easier than the walking globes as it only goes backwards and forwards
  • Free-Standing Ladders- Looks much easier to do then it actually is.
  • Walking Globes- Good sense of balance? Give this a try and see how good you really are.
  • Balance Beams- Purpose made aluminium tubes designed to test balance whilst moving.
  • Low-Level Tight Wires/Ropes - Specially designed with children in mind. The ultimate test of balance.

Workshop Options

Talk to us about your needs and we can tailor a workshop especially for you. These are some of our most popular workshops:

  • Punchy short 45 minute beginner "teaching" workshop.
  • Punchy short 45 minute "free session" taster workshop.
  • A 60 minute "teaching" taster workshop with free session.
  • Intermediate workshop.
  • Advanced workshop.
  • Scheduled regular workshops.
  • History of the Circus and its origins.
  • Good old fashion Fun Day. 
  • After school parents/children's session. At the end of the day we can stay and allow the parents to come along . We will hold a short presentation for the parents and then do some teaching and finally let them try various equipment.

To enable participants to continue to develop the new skills they have been working on, we are able to set up a shop at the end of the session to allow people to purchase the equipment. 


Summer Camp - non residential


These workshops are informative, fun, physical and delivered by an international educator, they are further enriched by the knowledgeable style of delivery.

We carry enough equipment to keep nearly 500 people busy at the same time. There are very few providers who can do this. Large numbers of participants are not normally a problem as we have catered for group sizes up to 150 at a time. The only real limit is the size of the venue but we do recommend that for the best experience that the size per session is around 30 participants. Additional instructors can be provided for any larger event.

Looking for a workshop for Scouts or Guides?

Check out our i.CIRCUS page for more details of what we offer.