Our Team

Meet the team!

Between us we have taught an estimated 450,000 Children and Adults, ranging from 3 years old to 103 !! (well actually the oldest was 97 but 103 hand a nice ring to it) we have delivered over 7500 Archery sessions in the last 5 years.

All of Doody's Workshops can be Tailored to your exact requirements making them Ideal for Corporate , Social and Educational events. All the team are Enhanced CRB/DBS checked where required. 

Stuart -Founder 

As the founder of Doody's Educational Workshops, Stuart is one of the main driving forces and has unlimited enthusiasm for all he does. He uses humour and encouragement to teach, which means his unique teaching style is one that many have tried to copy.

Stuart is an engineer, professional clown, circus skills instructor, ArcheryGB qualified coach, maths games developer and S.T.E.M provider for maths, who has spent in excess of 30 years providing educational workshops to all ages and abilities. He develops programs to be educational, interactive, and FUN. Since founding Doody's over 30 years ago he has personally delivered over 17,500 workshop sessions. Many of them in the U.S.A including interstate teaching. 

With over 30 years' experience in delivering workshops, he can tailor any workshops to your requirement. oh and he also develops fantastic maths resources!! His claim to fame is that he has juggled with the Moscow State Circus and has represented Hertfordshire in archery both indoors and out.

A member of Equity
A member of the BIG organisation (British Interactive Group)
A member of Sports Coach UK
A member of Archery GB / GNAS 

Archery GB level 2 coach

A STEM provider via the STEM directories for maths 
A county archer representing Hertfordshire for the last 15 years. 

The Hertfordshire Archery Association County Junior Representative. 

The Hertfordshire Archery Assn County Chairman

The Stortford Archery Lead Coach.

The Stortford Archery Club Men's Outdoor Compound Champion.

Stuart's archery classification is Master Bowman  - which makes him in the top 3% of archers in the UK. He is ranked 115 in the country.

Rachel - Archery, Circus, Fire, Maths, Team building        

Rachel is one of the established members of the team and specialises in circus and fire.  As a qualified primary and secondary school teacher she has the skill sets to pass on her knowledge and experience. As a maths specialist, Rachel is ideal for delivering the maths days program. She is also a qualified archery coach and has shot for her county. She is a Master Bowman.

Seth & Sara - Circus Skills

Our two youngest members just love the circus skills aimed for our younger audience.

Ian - Circus & Fire

Ian is a part of the i.CIRCUS team, he is bit mad, we think. He is always ready to clown about and his sense of humour is very infectious. He is an accomplished circus skills instructor and performer and also loves to show off.  We normally stand him in the corner.  Another important member of the team.

Paul - Circus & Fire    

Paul is a one off, we think. He is an accomplished fire performance instructor and an incredible face painter, he has a zany sense of clowning humour and just loves to get involved. Paul is also a senior member of i.CIRCUS.

Cheryl - Circus and balloons    

A well established member of the team, she brings circus and balloon twisting to the table, She is also an important member of i.CIRCUS.

Stacey - Circus Skills    

One of our younger team members, She loves to perform with Poi and is always happy to try new things. Stacey joins us in her spare time.  She is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on coffee in the country.

Barbara - Circus & Fire

Barbara is a part of our i.CIRCUS team and is fantastic at helping the scouts and guides at the many jamborees that we do.

Sam - Circus Skills    

Another fairly new member to the team, Sam's passion is running stilts, or Powerisers. Taking 3 meter strides just seems up his street for some reason. 

Robert - Archery Coach   

Robert is a newer member of the team and brings some really useful team building skills and "head games" as he calls them. If you need a workshop that teaches about being under pressure and coping then you know where to come.

Steve - Circus / performance skills  

Steve has been performing for over 40 years and is inspirational in organising youngster's shows and performances. He is an extremely accomplished juggler and has even produced instructional DVDs for juggling and juggle passing. It's great to have Steve involved.

Jim -Circus Skills & Team building    

Started juggling over 25 years ago and has developed new products and props for the last 15 years. Has been instrumental in standardising juggling and circus equipment. Jim is a very experienced circus skills instructor and has worked tirelessly in his quest for excellence. He has a natural ability to get people interested and engaged.

Jim joined Stuart in 2005 and between them have travelled far and wide with their own style of training. He has a cheeky sense of fun and a unique sense of humour.

Greg -Team Building / International 

Greg started his Career teaching himself to juggle over 40 years ago. He is actively passing on his experience to younger members of the team and tends to be in the important role of supporting and mentoring. If it's been done, then Greg at some stage has probably done it. Greg is our inspiration for team building and problem solving. Having worked for many large US companies he brings with him some unique, if not quirky, talents. Greg is based in Boise, Idaho in the US office and between himself and Stuart covers most of the western States.

Mary-Ann - International Coordinator

Keeps us on top of things for us, great fun to be with and always ready for new things. 

Phil - Archery Coach    

Phil is our most experienced archery coach and thoroughly enjoys teaching archery to everyone and anyone.  If there is archery going on, then Phil wants to be there. His personal record speaks for itself. 

  • Archery GB County Coach
  • 3x national Clout champion
  • Former Clout national record holder
  • Herts County Clout champion for 7 consecutive years
  • Former Herts indoor county recurve champ for 9 consecutive years
  • Archery GB/ GNAS coach for 5 consecutive years
  • Hertfordshire County team member for over 10 consecutive years
  • Master Bowman Classification
  • Member of Archery GB / GNAS