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Check out our fabulous maths resource, SumSort!

We are the sole UK distributor of a brilliant resource for learning and practicing maths: SumSort®


 The Ultimate Maths Game

 A very simple principle: match the coloured numbers and do the calculation.

Green to Green = Addition

Yellow to Yellow = Subtraction 

Red to Red = Multiplication

Blue to Blue = Division

We are able to offer 8 Versions for different abilities to allow it to be clearly differentiated by task rather than outcome.

It is suitable from Foundation to Key stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and even up to HE programmes.

Ideal for learning mentor programs or with the whole class or small groups with a TA.

A bit more about the game...

‚ÄčThis game actively promotes MENTAL CALCULATION STRATEGIES for all participants. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations including tables, number pairs to 20 , inverse operations, partitioning, place values and many many more.

"Probably" the most versatile maths game in the world. Why?

With over 50 ways to play, your pupils will enjoy doing over 500 calculations per game and do not realise they are doing so!

8 Versions for different abilities including:

  • Foundation - Simple number and colour matching up to the number 20
  • Addition Focus - All numbers are green for addition practice
  • Subtraction Focus - All numbers are yellow for subtraction practice
  • Addition and Subtraction - Numbers up to 30
  • Addition and Subtraction - Numbers up to 50
  • Multiplication Focus - All numbers are red for Multiplication practice
  • Division Focus - All numbers are blue for Division practice
  • ULTIMATE Competition - All four mathematical operations for all ages. 


​I have used SumSort® with the children I have been supporting at a London primary school. These children are in year 5, under achieving and totally turned off mathematics. Since using this resource as part of the programme that I am working on with them I have noticed that their engagement has improved. They always ask 'are we going to play that game (SumSort®) again today?' and when I say 'yes' they cheer! I have only been using the game for a short while but have already seen an improvement in their thinking skills (it is a game of strategy) and their ability in mental maths. Prior to using the game they were totally reliant on 'algorithms' which they didn't really understand judging by the mistakes they made and the fact that they couldn't explain what they had done.

Caroline Clissold, CETM coordinator, Maths consultant and accomplished author of the very successful Maths Investigator (MI) Books.

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