Archery - FAQs

Archery FAQs

What age group do we take?

Although we are happy to take Key stage 1,we do so on the understanding that coaching is on a ratio of 1 coach to every 6 pupils. KS2 and KS3 however can be as high as 1:12.

What will you learn?

During these practical sessions, your pupils and teachers will learn the basics of shooting a standard "recurve" archery bow. They will also learn about range safety, modern archery and the Olympic games, bow types and their development using traditional as well as space age technology. The emphasis will be on shooting technique, learning both theory and practice and having fun at the same time.

What space do we need?

We can provide sessions indoors as well as outdoors depending on available facilities, meaning that as long as minimum safety requirements can be met, sessions can be provided at any time of year regardless of weather conditions. More detailed information will be provided if you decide to proceed however in brief the following will give you a general outline of what space is required.

Can we shoot indoors?

Yes, we would need a hall at least 17m long. The position of doors and windows will have to be taken into consideration and we would erect temporary netting behind the targets to minimise the effects of any stray arrows.

Can we shoot outdoors?

Yes, we would ask for at least 70m of open ground in order to provide adequate safe shooting conditions. This distance may be reduced under special conditions where a bank or wall exists but this would need further discussion with yourselves. If shooting outside then a lightweight coat or jumper is required.

How far will the children shoot?

Whereas Olympic archers shoot at a distance of 70m, for these sessions a maximum of 10m is more than sufficient to provide a challenging and enjoyable experience. More advanced groups may be able to increase this distance given the right conditions and adequate range safety checks.

Do we have DBS checks?

Yes, it is a requirement of being a qualified coach with ArcheryGB all coaches MUST have an Enhanced DBS check and are members of our national governing body G.N.A.S. (ArcheryGB) they are also experienced at teaching many different groups and age ranges. We specialise in SEN schools. We hold public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Group Sizes

Group size is limited to a maximum of 12 per session with one instructor. However, we can supply 2 instructors to increase this and if adequate space is available and where a Teacher/TA can be present it is possible to increase this number to 28-30. This may however reduce the actual shooting time for each student within the session.


What does a session cost?

Please contact the office for our latest specials.

The basic cost is for one Archery GB qualified coach to a minimum of Level 1 status plus travelling expenses at cost of fuel only. This daily cost includes the use of ALL the equipment required for the day. A second qualified instructor can be supplied at an additional cost per day. We can also arrange for an after school session for Teachers or Parents to Have-a-Go for a reasonable additional cost. These are normally run on the same day but after school.