Our team for  is 22 members strong, all of whom are active members of the Scout Association or GirlGuidingUK.  As  we attend a huge variety of Guide and Scout events ranging from unit camps to week-long International Jamborees.




Activities offered by include:


Circus Skills  workshops

(All activities from  to juggling and plate spinning to  free standing ladders and tightwire walking)



Clowning workshops

(We provide professional clowns to teach clowning skits, stage presence and delivery) 



 Fire Performance workshops

(where the youngsters get to try it for themselves)


Face Painting workshops

(We can get the youngsters to try or they can have us paint them)



 Balloon Twisting workshops

(Exactly what it says )







Some of the current members of  are:



Stuart - " Doody "

Paul - " Q.M "

Rachel - " Rabs"

Barbara - "Babs

Ian - "Ian"

Lucy - "Any Body"

Head- " No Body"

Callum - " Dogs Body" 

Stacey - " Stibbs "

Tim - " Dirt Boy "

Ceri - " Huggable "

Cheryl - " Captain "

Reece - " Toad " 

Laura - "Wader" 

Mark - " I have no idea "

Sam - " Squidge "

Andy - " Old Un " 

Carol - " Wasn't Me "

Jim - " Juggler "  
(we thought it was a lame name also) !! 


There are many other members of the team but the list would go on for ages.. :-)

 If you think you have the crazy sense of humour and skills that would fit in the group then please email Doody and we can see how you fit, However, we really are a little mad. 



 These badges represent just a fraction of the events that  have had the pleasure to attend.